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Our Dynamic Speakers Share. Collaborate. Enjoy.

All they expect from you is...

  1. Show up in excellence!

  2. Attend the full conference and all mandatory rehearsals.

  3. Promote the conference!

  4. Come from a place of contribution & collaboration.

  5. Be fun and informative.

  6. Support the other speakers’ presentations

  7. Send us your “Special Offer” Tokens for the Virtual Swap

Calling All Dynamic Speakers

If you are a change-maker, thought-leader, coach, motivational speaker, or expert,

the world needs your voice right now. 



What is in it for you?

Community. Support. Opportunity

  • Participation in personal, business, brand, and networking development programs through the conference program. 

  • We will be working together as a community to promote this event. This collaboration follows you. 

  • All speakers are invited to join our community of MinkLife Motivators to continue to support each other after the conference.

  • We believe that all of your time, energy, and effort should be rewarded. All speakers are invited to profit share in growing the event. Receive 70% of proceeds from all attendees that purchase from your affiliate link.

  • Speakers who do well will be invited to teach Master Courses in our Mingle! Learning Community.


How To Get Started 


Step 1: Pick Your Membership

All conferences are virtual. You can choose: 


Step 2: Complete Your Application

We will need 

  • Your Business information

  • A Bullet Point Bio

  • Full Bio ( 250 words or less )


Step 3: Schedule Your Interview

in the interview we will:

  • Select your topic 

  • Set up your community profile 

  • Review schedule of events