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Our mission is to help millions of people worldwide live a life designed for them by them, healthy, wealthy, and fulfilled!

MinkLife University

Our Collaborative Learning Community is a collection of thought leaders, change-makers, coaches, and experts who come together to share our zone of genius while learning from each other.

NEXT GLOBAL VIRTUAL CONFERENCE exists because, in our new normal, we are collectively coming together to Level UP by crafting a new strategy for ourselves to grow our lives and businesses. Now is the time for us to become the best versions of ourselves.

MinkLife Motivation


Get ready for a day of inspiration, learning, and growth as we proudly present our stellar lineup of Dynamic Speakers. Each speaker was carefully selected for their expertise in various life-enhancing areas.

Meet Our Dynamic Speakers

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9 AM - 11 AM | Session 1 | Build Trust To Connect Creatively 

11 AM-1 PM | Session 2 | Work Wise To Share Love 

1 PM -  3 PM | Session 3 | Strengthen Communication To Increase Awareness








All Attendees will receive a virtual gift bag, and an action planner to work along.

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We will be discussing how personal networking contributes to your personal success and your business growth. We will focus on building likability, visibility and trust while networking for your business.

Build Trust through Professional Networking

Session 1 

We will be discussing how power partners contributes to your personal success and your business growth. We will focus on collaboration, aptitude, and reciprocation to boost your power partnering.

Connect Creativity through Power Partnering

Session 1

We will be discussing how presentations contributes to your personal success and your business growth. We will focus on how to give engaging, effective and informative presentations.

Work Wise using

Session 2 

We will be discussing how your sphere of influence contributes to your personal success and your business growth. We will focus on connectivity, activities and reputation to boost your sphere of influence.

Share Love with your Sphere of Influence

Session 2

We will be discussing how customer relations contributes to your personal success and your business growth. We will focus on advocacy, loyalty and quality to boost your customer recommendations.

Strengthen communication with Customer Relations

Session 3 

We will be discussing how your community engagement contributes to your personal success and your business growth. We will focus on population, cause, and impact to boost your community engagement.

Increase Awareness with Community Engagement

Session 3 

Topics of Panels, Workshops and Breakout Sessions

Welcome to SmartMove360! My name is Irina Strunina, I am Health Strategist, and I started this page to help people to find their ways to their better health. My passion topic is type 2 Diabetes. After experiencing firsthand the devastating results that diabetes can bring to a family, I spend most of my time advocating for a healthier lifestyle and educating people about diabetes and ways to successfully manage it (or avoid it!).
We are a collaborative learning eco-system designed to fully support the entrepreneur's journey to living healthy, wealthy, & fulfilled​  We help you:  Clarify what you want  Create an Action Plan  Connect to the right expert  Continue to grow with ongoing support
Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge A working community of multi-passionate, soul-guided entrepreneurs  You became an entrepreneur for reasons personal to you. You made this leap and are doing this for yourself, but that doesn't mean you have to do it by yourself. In fact, that was never the intention! But how do you connect with a community of aligned business owners that you can collaborate with, learn from, and share your unique genius with on an ongoing basis without burning yourself out in the process (energetically or financially)?
The Phoenix Rising Community  A community of curious, heart-centered bad asses Are you naturally curious, don't always follow the herd, and desire a deeper relationship with yourself?  How would it change your life to be more connected to your creativity and your intuition? But it's hard to find a place where you can grow into your true potential without someone trying to tell you how you "should" be . You came here to do things YOUR way, to shine YOUR brilliant light, not squeeze yourself into a cookie-cutter system that never worked for you.
Learning on. Marketing struggles off. Become an incredible marketer for your own business and watch it grow
Mind  Connectors  Expertise. Commitment. Value.  Our  Services  Team in a Meeting 01  Facebook Ads  02  Email Marketing  03  Web Design  04  Social Media Management

NEXT Global Virtual Conferences are a result of collaborative efforts involving a group called Mingle! Community Connects Learning Collaborative Leaders. Each community is committed to the personal growth each participant.

Mingle! Community Connect 

Brian K McNeil

Every time I attend NEXT Global Virtual Conference, just by showing up I move my life forward. 

Regyna Curtis

 I've attended so many virtual events in the past few years and NONE have been as engaging, or have helped me take action in the moment like this series.

Awesome Speakers! HUUGE amount of value. Loved it and can't wait for the next one!


Don't miss this incredible day to learn, grow, and be inspired by these exceptional speakers. Each brings a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to our conference. You will leave with a complete guide created by you on how to live healthy, wealthy, and fulfilled!

Get ready for a day of transformation!

Don't Miss Out 

Are you a passionate coach or expert in the areas of life, business, branding/marketing or networking? We want YOU to be a part of our upcoming conferences. 

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