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What do we expect from our dynamic speakers?

Share. Collaborate. Enjoy. ​

  1. Show up in excellence!

  2. Attend the full conference and all mandatory rehearsals.

  3. Promote the conference!

  4. Come from a place of contribution & collaboration.

  5. Be fun and informative.

  6. Support the other speakers’ presentations

  7. Send us your “Special Offer” Tokens for the Virtual Swap

Calling All Dynamic Speakers

If you are a change-maker, thought-leader, coach, motivational speaker, or expert,

the world needs your voice right now. 



What is in it for you?

Community. Support. Opportunity

  • Participation in personal, business, brand, and networking development programs through the conference program. 

  • We will be working together as a community to promote this event. This collaboration follows you. 

  • All speakers are invited to join our community of MinkLife Motivators to continue to support each other after the conference.

  • We believe that all of your time, energy, and effort should be rewarded. All speakers are invited to profit share in growing the event. Receive 70% of proceeds from all attendees that purchase from your affiliate link.

  • Speakers who do well will be invited to teach Master Courses in our Mingle! Learning Community.

How to get started 


Step 1: Pick Your Conference Timezone

All conferences are virtual. You can choose: 

  • Los Angeles | United States 

  • Sydney | Australia

  • Johannesburg | South Africa

  • London | United Kingdom


Step 2: Complete Your Application

We will need 

  • Your Business information

  • A Bullet Point Bio

  • Full Bio ( 250 words or less )


Step 3: Schedule Your Interview

in the interview we will:

  • Select your topic 

  • Set up your community profile 

  • Review schedule of events 

Dynamic Breakout Speaker Investment $169

  • Profit share opportunity 

  • Participate in 2 Panel Discussions 

  • 1 Breakout Room Presentation

  • Specialized Marketing Materials 

  • Evergreen Playback in our NEXT Conference Library

  • Special Offer Lead Generation 

  • Full page in Action Planner

  • 3 month Mingle! Community Membership 


Dynamic Panelist Investment: $135

  • Profit share opportunity 

  • Participate in Panel Discussion 

  • Special Offer Lead Generation 

  • 3 month Mingle! Community Membership