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Calling All Dynamic Speakers

So many people are struggling…

Together, we have the power to create a global impact!

We are looking for speakers to partner with us in our mission to help millions live HEALTHY, WEALTHY & FULFILLED! 
We need speakers in 4 areas of expertise 

  • Why is this conference different?
    This is not your talking head conference. This conference brings together thought leaders, change-makers, coaches, and experts from the areas of life, business, branding, and networking to collectively level up. As a speaker, you will not only benefit from being able to share your expertise but also learn from the expertise in your zone of genius. This conference is completely interactive and leverages the ability of the audience to contribute to the conversation. It features: 6 INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSIONS 6 REFLECTIVE WORKSHOPS 6 ACTIONABLE BREAKOUT SESSIONS DOWNLOADABLE ACTION PLANNER
  • How does it work?
    Our conference is divided into six sessions over the course of 2 days. Each day covers different topics
  • What is a Dynamic Speaker?
    Share. Collaborate. Enjoy. Being a speaker in our community is not for everyone. It is for people who are looking to make an impact, who desire to truly support people from where they are, and who are passionate about offering real help in real-time. Our Dynamic Speakers share their zone of genius as a speaker in our conferences, shows, events, and/or retreats. They are heart-centered and come from a place of contribution & collaboration in our community. Show up in excellence in support of each other & cross-promote whenever possible. Dynamic Speakers present information in fun and informative ways and support the other speakers’ presentations & events. Each speaker is selected to speak based on their zone of genius from 3 different perspectives, their primary message, and two other perspectives that their message can contribute to someone's desire to live healthy, wealthy, and fulfilled. This selection process happens in the interview process. If there is no synergy, a full refund will be given to the speaker as we only want the right fit for everyone involved.
  • What is in it for you?
    Community. Support. Opportunity. We believe that all of your time, energy, and effort should be rewarded. All speakers are invited to profit share in growing the event. Receive 70% of proceeds from all attendees that purchase from your affiliate link. All speakers are required to join Mingle! MinkLife Motivation's Online Learning Community to continue to support each other before, during, and after the conference. 2-months of Complementary Membership will be included with your speaker Investment. We will work together as a community to promote each others events and programs. This collaboration follows you. Speakers who do well will be invited to teach master courses and lectures for MinkLife University in our Mingle! Learning Community.
  • When is the deadline to apply?
    We are accepting applications now through 30 days before the NEXT Conference date for that location. We do compile a waiting list for people who apply after the application close date should any cancellations arise.
  • Where can the playback be seen?
    Each conference is recorded in lifestream directly into our community platform so that members of our community can watch the playbacks on demand. Visitors who purchased a ticket to the conference plus community membership will have access to those videos as long as they are active members of our community.
  • Who attends these conferences?
    Our conferences are global and virtual so anyone in the world who has access to the Internet is welcome to attend our conferences. Our focus is on change-makers thought-leaders, coaches, and experts but we have had attendees from virtually most sectors of the entrepreneurial space. Our conferences are co-ed with 60% of the audience being women and 40% being men. The general age demographics are between 35 to 72 and most are owners of small enterprises, sales professionals, and solopreneurs.


Choose Your 

Zone of Genius



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